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Enter The Powerful World of SOT:
Sacro Occipital Technique

Gentle Power

Pain is a poor companion. It doesn’t matter if it came to you through injury, disease or unknown origin, and it doesn’t matter how long it’s shared your company, pain is not a welcome visitor to your body.

Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) offers one of the most advanced corrective procedures in chiropractic. This powerful, yet gentle, technique emphasizes a non-traumatic, non-forceful approach to your health.

SOT was developed over 5 decades ago by Dr. M.B. DeJarnette, who has personally refined and expanded SOT research to this day. His contribution has added to our scientific knowledge of how to restore and maintain normal function of the human body.

Focus on Structural Stability

With SOT, the chiropractor concentrates on structural stability, or balancing the body. The cog at the center of our machinery, so to speak, is the pelvis, upon which rests the spine, shoulders, neck and head. Below the pelvis, we have our legs and feet.

A stable pelvis balances, coordinates and maintains the body. The large upper thigh and very important back muscles including those responsible for neck and shoulder stability are attached to the pelvic girdle.

An unstable pelvis creates problems in any one of a number of associated areas.

How SOT Works

SOT uses the body’s own gravitational pull, combined with gentle, yet extremely precise, manipulation to first center the pelvic foundation, and then align the remainder of the spine. This procedure does not require the use of force, but the results suggest the power of the technique.

SOT employs sophisticated structural mapping called the Category System, which establishes a logical and effective method for diagnosis and treatment of your ailments. SOT may also use wedge shaped blocks to allow the body to seek its correct alignment and balance.

SOT recognizes the importance of body language and uses many indicators in the form of neurological signs, weak muscles, active reflexes or other body indicators to determine the type of adjustment you need. As the body responds and heals, stress areas around the body are eliminated.

SOT-Advancing the Art of Chiropractic

Chiropractic has made dynamic advancements from the early years of cracking neck and rolling lumbars. Today, chiropractic training and knowledge is comparable to that of medical doctors. Chiropractic’s sophistication has grown to encompass such areas as balance problems, migraine and dental functions (TMJ).

SOT stands at the very top of the evolving art of chiropractic, offering refined, precise and powerful treatment to preserve your health.

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