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What to Expect at Larger Life Chiropractic

First Visit

On your first visit you will be greeted in the reception room by our Chiropractic Assistant and be given the new patient tour of the office. You will also be asked to fill out new patient paper work. From there, Dr. Loughlin will welcome you and show you to a treatment room. Dr. Loughlin will discuss the reasons for your visit and any other health concerns you might have. He will also conduct a chiropractic, neurological and sacro-occipital examination. If the reason for coming into the office is an emergency situation, Dr. Loughlin will treat using basic SOT chiropractic care and adjunctive procedures to alleviate pain. Otherwise, you will return to the front desk to schedule for a Report of Findings the following day.

If radiographs are required, Dr. Loughlin will fill out a Radiograph Request form that you will take to the hospital where the radiographs will be taken. Please bring with you your health insurance card, auto insurance information or work injury insurance, if applicable.

Please reserve 40-60 minutes for the first visit.

Second Visit

Welcome back to Larger Life Chiropractic. On this visit payment or co-payments are made to C.A. This visit is the Report of Findings. Dr. Loughlin has previously reviewed the examinations from the first visit and will discuss his findings and make recommendations. If radiographs were required these will also be reviewed. The recommendation or treatment plan is outlined, including the frequency and duration of care. The intensive, corrective and strengthening phases of care will be explained to the patient. Dr. Loughlin will perform the necessary chiropractic adjustments and adjunctive procedures. The C.A. will schedule appointments for at least the first week of care.

Please reserve 30-40 minutes for this visit.

Regular Visits

You will check-in with the front desk C.A. and make any payments that are due. Dr. Loughlin will meet with you in the treatment room, briefly assess progress, perform chiropractic adjustments and adjunctive procedures. Periodic, extensive examination to evaluate progress will be scheduled into the treatment plan. You can schedule additional appointments if necessary.

Please reserve 20-30 minutes for these visits.

We look forward to seeing you in our Southboro office. Give us a call to schedule your appointment. (508) 481-6351